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Episode 2: Hot Mess Express

Angee was late to film today and was sweating most of the recording. This is for anyone who is late and can’t keep focus. Angee shares experiences with ADHD and trying to function running life or this podcast with Type-A personality, Jaime. Topics that Angee’s ADHD mind talks about:

• not being organized or knowing how to podcast

• NKOTB, Salt n Pepa, Rickrolling

• Cheese curds & dots pretzels

• 4 kids, rockin’ parenthood, stressing all of those involved (if they’re Type-A personalities)

• Angee is in love with Lil Jon

• Donny Wahlberg’s email

• becoming a millionaire... any day now...

• learning to accept the neurodivergent mind and loving it unconditionally.

Angee’s Mug: 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war.

Jaime’s Mug: What (and I can’t stress this enough) the fuck?

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Transcript of Episode 2: Hot Mess Express

0:00 hi i'm angie and i'm jamie taking care of our mental health is the key to happiness

0:06 but even the best therapists sometimes lose their keys join us for therapeutic

0:12 happy hour as we address the absurdities of life's daily expectations as best friends mothers and yes even therapists

0:20 welcome to the shrink show

0:31 today's episode uh we are talking about how you're a hot mess i'm a hot

0:38 hot mess such a hot mess mostly today but also in general also

0:44 always like all of the moments before today and leading up to this very moment yeah yeah

0:52 i so in preparation for today that this so is our second time

0:58 trying to film and so we're trying to figure out all the sound and the video and my husband joel is

1:06 mostly the expert on that stuff he's the tech guy and i

1:11 am not um however i will say in my household i'm the tech lady like

1:18 if there's tech issues with your computer or your phone or you can't do something

1:25 i'm the one that's always been called on that's because until we know what we're doing with the podcast you're still

1:31 going to feel like joel's got it yeah he's giving us a few more episodes we'll get it we'll get it okay we'll figure it

1:38 out um and we'll subcontract that out then

1:43 when we're millionaires which hopefully will happen next week

1:49 right i think so yeah i feel comfortable in the day i feel like if i throw it out there maybe it'll become the round right

1:54 yeah yeah you know like a 950 000 raise all of a sudden yes please yes me

2:02 too i want that i'll take that yeah oh i'll take one of those now and let's

2:08 throw a couple in for extra buy one get two free yeah see i'm a hot mess i can't even stay on

2:14 track of being a hot mess so i couldn't get any of well first of all i didn't know what i

2:20 needed to bring what i didn't need um my brain literally was fried and i went

2:26 to just load the car full of crap and hope for the best well i was going to but joel got up from his nap

2:33 and was like i'll take care of it because i came up for like my third question already should be like so you

2:40 woke him up from his nap no he got up because he was like i'm obviously not

2:46 going to get to sleep like this he's trying to help you thank you

2:52 my hair's everywhere i'm sweating i can't i can't nothing was charged from

2:58 the last time absolutely nothing i this might die

3:03 in the middle luckily jamie had two double a batteries going on red

3:08 sea lights we don't know how sound works so we apologize for this

3:14 lord it's really it's the adhd and trying to be a mom and have four kids and well you

3:21 went to the freaking uh summer arts festival right before you came here that's a booked itinerary for the day

3:27 well because we were gonna do it yesterday but then i got free at like the free opportunity to go to the new

3:34 kids on the block concert last night and vogue and oh my god i did and and vogue and salt

3:42 and pepper and kurt would be even more jealous rick astley was there

3:47 we totally got rick rolled yep but salt and pepper and and vogue

3:53 oh my god i was like i was seriously fan girl screaming and yeah

4:00 i know i know um new kids on the block i didn't listen to them like i knew their

4:06 popular songs no i listened to their cassette tapes all the time i didn't and it really i kept laughing the entire

4:14 time i was watching them because i kept picturing my husband who's 48 and

4:20 looked it up most of them are 52. so around the same age i kept picturing

4:26 him dressing up in glitter and sequins and leather

4:34 and dancing in front of a crowd of screaming women and trying to act like

4:40 young boy sexy act like 30 years younger and i just couldn't i

4:47 i laughed i just you know we could dress up joel in that

4:53 outfit just to see just to double check well i feel like it was kind of like

4:58 donnie wahlberg and the others like literally i leaned over to one of

5:03 the girls that i i came with and i said

5:08 i feel like it's a little too soon for this because two minutes in donnie wahlberg is

5:15 lifting his shirt and then teasing you and putting it back down and giving you the eyes like not

5:22 yet not yet and then lifts his shirt for like 30

5:28 seconds and does this like gyration move with his stomach to show you his abs and

5:34 how fit he is for his age and it was like am i the chippendale concert or am i new

5:42 kids on the block i don't know it felt like a bit much and of course the ladies were screaming

5:49 yeah going for it and i don't know i felt like he he needed

5:54 that he needs this this is he needed that more than you did like there's something he's fulfilling in my opinion

6:00 oh yeah by having that rule what could that be

6:06 therapist oh you asking well what does it give him like positive

6:12 reinforcement all the positive attention whatever it's filling in his cup so that

6:19 makes me think it could be so many different things the fact that he is the age he is and has accomplished

6:25 rock hard abs the fact that he's still hot and wanted maybe he wants to be loved and ultimately don't we all just

6:32 want to be loved that's literally every session i'm like and you're loved and you're safe and

6:39 you're perfect just the way you are so maybe johnny wahlberg just needed to hear that so then my question i love

6:44 daddy wahlberg you're loved friend and you're love to be on the console exactly the way you

6:50 are beyond the concert and you're loved even if you don't have rock hard abs

6:56 i mean and i'm not gonna lie like i it was impressive yes he looked great

7:03 but if i had a lot of money to be able to afford personal trainers

7:10 and chefs and all the people i feel like i would look

7:17 even more stunning than i do right now what are you talking about

7:23 if i had all the time to exercise and eat have somebody literally prepare food

7:30 designed for my that would be if i had a masseuse yeah if you had someone to take care of your

7:36 children so you could sleep at night oh my god and then like you imagine somebody just set up all this over six

7:46 like i don't have to stress about it they make sure that my is charged and if not they get fired you know what

7:51 i think you're fired you're fired dying you're fired you didn't charge the iran

7:56 or the ipad you're fired you know what i think we need for all of this a million dollars

8:03 what we just were talking about we just don't happen next week though it will that's seven days and counting so by

8:10 next week we will have a personal trainer and a heart attack and food for days a personal chef

8:19 someone we probably won't have me to sleep i mean you might have the rock hard abs by next week me on the other hand i've got

8:26 layers upon layers of potato chips and

8:31 cookies and ice cream blocking and poutine big family tastes really

8:38 good cheese curds ugh all the way i

8:43 actually last night after new kids on the block jackson poutine nope we were walking

8:49 through downtown lincoln nebraska and i don't i'm not as familiar with

8:55 lincoln and it was getting late and i recall walking perhaps a little tipsy

9:01 saying i need cheese curds oh yeah everyone needs cheese skirts

9:07 at 11 11 or so at night and every place wasn't serving food like nowhere was

9:14 apparently there was one place that was but i i don't know they

9:20 no one else had food i don't it just it felt wow lincoln i felt sketch i'm upset

9:26 so i didn't get my cheese curds sorry i did eat my dots pretzels though

9:32 well you know it's better than nothing those are delightful we are not being sponsored by

9:38 dots pretzels not yet ao wink wink

9:44 oh my gosh oh my god could i get a lifetime supply i don't need a lifetime supply and you

9:50 know what my personal chef will then tell me you don't need the personal supply but

9:55 if you have intuitive eating you can still have them every day you'll be fine your body wants it

10:01 intuitive eating yeah we can talk about that i literally just had a session about

10:07 like eating and i just preach healthy every size is that like just eating

10:12 whatever you are craving yeah and not eating when you're not hungry yeah so like you eat when you're hungry

10:19 and you stop when you're full but you eat what sounds good and then you stop when it no longer is satisfying

10:25 because you mindlessly eat do you zone out and then you're like oh i just ate a bag of chips no or are you

10:33 eating and you're like yes i'm enjoying this spite and yes i'm enjoying this fight and yes i'm enjoying this bite and

10:40 then after a while the bites just they're not as exciting but typically people aren't paying attention because

10:46 they're like talking or watching tv or like they're shoving in their mouth because their kids are coming in the

10:51 room and you don't want to share because that's what i do i'm like oh yeah they have a cookie

10:57 gotta eat the oreo really fast before they see me because then they're gonna want one i know and i don't share and

11:02 it's my personal stash i don't care my husband has seen me literally shove a full chicken strip in my mouth

11:09 because i won't share it with my toddler

11:14 and i am not sorry but she cried that is mommy's food

11:21 mommy you don't you don't with mommy's food

11:26 not in my household anywho that could be a whole other topic

11:32 seriously though intuitive eating it sounds fascinating i do feel like okay having adhd

11:39 when when i did not take my adhd medication

11:46 yeah i over ate way more than when i do and it was

11:52 it wasn't because of mindlessness it was because of impulsivity

11:58 and so having my impulsivity under control and my ability to focus

12:03 i can actually focus on eating instead of or eat when you're hungry rather than oh there's cheese on the

12:10 table i'm going to eat that versus you know i'm actually hungry and this sounds good and i think that's

12:17 a separate question that is two separate questions i think that is something that i end up doing because before it would

12:24 be oh there's cheese on the counter i like cheese eat cheese yeah whether i'm

12:30 hungry or not i like cheese yeah i am impulsive just like i really want that 20 purse oh

12:37 i like it let's buy it or you know any impulsivity that comes or like oh i have this thought i'm going

12:43 to interrupt your conversation i must say it which i do still even with my medication but i don't do it as often as

12:49 uh less percentage it's a little toned down i have to give myself that credit because

12:55 i still interrupt people and then when my eight-year-old son and my six-year-old daughter do it all the time

13:02 and people get frustrated with them i'm like oh they get that from my side of the family

13:10 you're like where did they learn sorry for your future struggles my loves i'm

13:17 sorry so then that's exactly why we got here today because of your adhd

13:23 so you shoved everything in the car but then you're not adhd husband told you not to shove everything in the car right

13:29 and had to wake up from his nap to get us the lovely technology that is now in this room that may or may not be

13:36 working he's not charged and maybe not die because i think the ipad might be at

13:44 15 it was completely dead um but you know i was paying attention but you got it all

13:51 we got it up and assembled i'm not sure how we did we did it great

13:58 you know and here we are one thing though i feel like i can embrace my hotmessness it stresses me

14:05 out but i've come to accept it as a part of myself something that i'm

14:11 continuously improving yeah and working on because it causes me

14:17 stress in some moments in other moments i kind of like to see the stress it causes in

14:22 others if i'm one when does it cost stress in others oh

14:28 well with joel yeah probably it causes stress with joel all the time uh probably my bosses sometimes

14:36 um my 15 year old it stresses him out oh yeah

14:42 but he's a lot like joel yeah yes i'd say type a personalities is where

14:49 but i'm typing and i can make it work why is that i don't know

14:55 why is that why do i have patience for you for me you do okay but your husband all

15:01 my significant people in my life my sister you my husband

15:06 probably our children like because my stepson is just like my husband yeah

15:12 all the significant important people in my life demonstrate strong adhd characteristics so

15:20 i've chosen these people in my life somehow

15:25 but i'm also very rigid i think because i also can just introduce my my type a okay but in a way

15:33 that will work for you but if you can't do it i'll just i'll do my half and then present you with what

15:39 you can do but also your numerology is one right

15:44 yes which means you're a leader you're a leader i have i have leadership but i also have

15:51 the eight which is the executor so sometimes i i know when to lead but sometimes i take the lead because i'm

15:57 like you know what you're kind of a hot mess today so i'm just gonna go do this little side project you figure out your

16:03 life so do you think that you surrounded yourself with hot messes so that you

16:08 could feel that sense of like to fill my grandiose yeah i mean almost like the

16:15 executive yeah director of your life we're all

16:23 peons i suppose like you could just you you just watch us living our we're like your ant farm

16:30 you watch us living our hotness i just give you something to frolic around with and i'm like oh look at him

16:35 go look at look at them run with that little piece of bread

16:41 and that piece of chalk they don't know that's not food yeah basically yeah

16:48 it works well i love it i love you i love you guys don't worry in my life i don't think but i don't think i send out

16:56 the executive vibe no in a way where it's like you clearly have done this wrong no you

17:03 don't judge that's the thing judgment that's because i also have the six so i i have

17:10 it's hidden d it's deep in there though it's really buried underneath the rbf

17:16 and the eight and the one resting face yeah because i say it but i mean well

17:22 with my high pitched voice like um angie so

17:28 all right you can come whenever i'm gonna be late that's fine

17:33 but i had stuff to do so it worked out i was like sweet i'll just get this done perfect oh yeah i also was late today i

17:40 was it was late nothing was charged so i think that's why i'm very

17:45 implemented wedding like i did get mugs though you did get

17:51 mugs that i don't have mugs what's yours say mine says one two three four

17:57 i declare a thumb more and the handle is a hand that you're doing a thumb war with

18:03 and i feel like waiting i can never win because it's porcelain i can never pull down

18:09 although if you count like 10 seconds on top of the thumb i don't

18:14 i don't know when i would the official some rules i would declare a winner then i win the entire time

18:22 100 i mean there's a thumbs up you are a winner 100 of the time angie that is

18:27 what i'm hearing 80 percent of the regards to this mug i am 100 the winner

18:36 until next week when i get my 950 000 race what does your say mine says what

18:42 and i can't stress this enough the did you pick that mug

18:49 because of my hot messness today um maybe subconsciously i bet you did i

18:54 bet i did i bet you did and you picked this one for me because i obviously needed to win

19:00 because i was not winning you're welcome oh do you feel like a winner now i do feel like a winner

19:07 it's always a winner just like in this number you are always a winner agent

19:14 cheers up i'll drink to that

19:19 but you did a lot today you did family time you packed your car full of everything that we needed today

19:25 you assembled 99 of this i just ran around saying whoops didn't get the room

19:31 ready what can i do for you so you you did you did amazing we did it you did it

19:37 and now you get rewarded with a lovely mug of gin not a sponsor oh jet yet

19:45 hendrix or what is it uncle vals oh i don't know what is that what's the

19:52 one the one we had at jukes i don't remember it was

19:57 belle i think it's uncle vows it's a botanical gin i would not remember if you said it it was

20:03 delightful just throwing that out there wink wink

20:11 gin makers or you like bombay i like bombay sapphire that's my choice

20:18 do you think there's something about personality traits and the liquor

20:24 chosen you know there has to be because there's not a lot of gin by choice there aren't

20:30 but everybody i know that drinks gin i like them that's true my favorite rappers always talk about

20:36 gin and juice just saying gosh maybe that's why i subconsciously always like chin i love it like little

20:43 john ah he's my jam and of course um snoop dogg

20:48 well yeah who is that the super bowl the double g did you know a little john's side note

20:55 little john okay i'm following right along okay i hope everyone else good because little

21:01 john first of all if there were like i'm not one to go and interrupt

21:07 celebrities at all that's not my jam all right like you're with me celebrities have you met not a ton but even if i did

21:14 see a ton i like i've at the movie or at like film festivals or other functions like i've

21:20 seen act cool well it's not necessarily acting cool it's just like i'm not gonna with you like if it or if a

21:27 conversation happens organically like it would anywhere in my life

21:32 okay then i'm okay with this okay i'm not going to go while you're taking a bite of pasta and say

21:38 oh my gosh i'm your biggest fan or even i just want to meet you because

21:45 you're a celebrity yeah however there is

21:50 a handful of folks at the top of my list is little john

21:55 i would interrupt whatever the he's doing just to go talk to him just to go give

22:01 him a bear hug like i would i i feel like he is my spirit animal i'm

22:06 not sure i love him so much i've been obsessed with him pretty much since i've known you now that i'm really going through

22:13 the roll of memories here i just love him i don't know why

22:18 and here's the thing i was getting my nails done the other day which obviously had

22:24 two of them break off a week ago but i just discovered did you know little john has a show oh my god and i should know

22:31 what it's called oh something it has his name in the title but he has a show on hg tv

22:38 like a remodeling like he in this oh i think people on the design tell me

22:43 about it but i don't they legit go in and like redesign and remodel folks's homes

22:52 and little john like what did little john come up with or something like that is he a designer

22:58 a commentary person he so he designs it yes and i'm like oh man

23:05 maybe i want him so should i take out a loan and have him remodel my home now but i'm

23:12 not going to have to because next week i don't have to take out a loan because i'm going to get a 950 000 raise

23:18 next week universe yes yeah there it is

23:24 um little john where was i going with this oh that was this that was the sign that was the side

23:30 note well done where is it that was it that's where you were going with it you have arrived to your destination

23:38 and enter my hot mess i love little john oh he's a celebrity i would go and interrupt yes oh why was i

23:45 talking about that the celebrities thing i don't know just going to well because

23:51 you just started talking about little gin it was jin yeah personalities i love

23:56 jin holy [Applause]

24:02 much how much gin did i pour you oh this isn't even the gin that's what's

24:08 ridiculous like side note another side note i wonder how many people think i'm drunk when i'm not

24:16 100 of the time they probably think you're drunk or on something something i'll have what she's having

24:23 yes i'll have and i'll have a basket of those cheese curds yeah please

24:30 no no that's not what it was though it's so hot in here i'm sorry there's just no

24:36 air circulation oh see okay so again we're gonna raise next week

24:41 we have our own place oh

24:49 i want grape leaves oh with my money i'm hiring two cute fellas

24:56 or donnie oh actually you know what ladies let's go with the ladies to be honest i'll feel more careful i would

25:03 yes they would be more attentive you know what the danny wahlberg reminds me of so my sister who works in floral

25:10 said that because all the wall burgers are popping up in hyvee and so apparently there was somebody who

25:16 she was on a grocery store a hyvee grocery store there was someone who

25:23 was arguing with my sister for a ridiculous amount of time demanding

25:28 donnie wahlberg's email address and she was trying to say well we don't

25:34 have his email address but they did not believe her because

25:39 wahlburgers of course so obviously the florist would have the email address yes

25:45 well that only makes sense and then i told my husband who has a huge crush on mark wahlberg

25:52 so he asked my sister if he she could provide mark wahlberg's email address

25:57 she couldn't provide that either what good is your sister if you can't provide a floral department

26:06 if you can't provide the wahlberg's house

26:12 i know she can't do anything that is ridiculous at least anything pertaining to a good email address okay

26:19 also i love that kurt is obsessed with mark

26:24 because i feel like like their body types are kind of similar you know you know what i mean like they

26:32 he has a huge crush on him i love it huge crush yeah who's your celebrity like

26:39 who's you me and my husband have the same list male and female except are you obsessed

26:45 with mark wahlberg too i i like mark wahl i think he would be a fun friend

26:50 but i don't think i'm as attracted to him as a husband and i'm sure he really likes that i'm saying that

26:56 he also my husband is also in love with brad pitt and i've done a would you

27:02 rather if brad pitt mark wahlberg and you have to pick one and

27:07 he gets stressed out and angry but he does pick brad pitt i would pick brad pitt all day every day

27:13 actually my uncle who is who has schizophrenia

27:19 and is a homeless nomad um

27:26 very insightful you're saying it literally but like i don't know people it's i know it's i'm not lying this is

27:33 legit this is my uncle okay and my husband was witness to this phone call

27:38 okay and i hope he'd get one of the wallburst emails no however

27:44 my given name is angelina yes and my husband and i had just started dating

27:50 and my uncle called me and he's like angie

27:56 brad pitt is who you are supposed to marry and i'm like i mean

28:01 it's been really nice knowing you joel i'm gonna have to like deuces see you

28:06 later yeah brad pitt is supposed to marry me but i said uncle he is

28:11 currently married at this time he was married to angelina jolie and he said

28:17 angie he knew he was supposed to find an angelina he just found the wrong

28:24 angelina because she spells it wrong she spells it wrong she spells it ina

28:29 instead of ena so long story short there will come a day when not only will

28:35 i get my 950 000 raise next week wink wink um but also will marry brad pitt wow

28:44 can i be in your guys's wedding and kurt kurt will be so jealous

28:50 i don't think he'll show up actually he will try to show up and break off the wedding because he'll think this is my

28:56 chance i guarantee you he'll think this is my chance this is my chance this is where all my dreams will come true

29:04 brad pitt will want me the minute he sees me and that's it

29:10 i am a delight yeah yeah so the wall burst

29:16 your book is whatever you got there you're bucket list oh my gosh i feel like i have more females on there than

29:21 males because i love i love all the brown eyed brown hair girls brown i like

29:26 girl i like mila kunis and wonder woman

29:32 who doesn't love wonder woman she's so pretty i have convinced my children that i am wonder woman and i have convinced

29:38 them that their father is aquaman oh aquamans are my husbands wow i'm

29:43 really yeah my husband what if i said things like this people are like why is he married to you a female and i'm like

29:50 i don't know is it your masculine trait it probably is

29:58 yes i feel like the opposite of masculine traits but i also wear pants in the household

30:04 so you know oh my god i saw my spirit animal maybe he just needs somebody to

30:13 like to what to get to ugh be in charge someone to be in charge

30:20 i am seriously sweating balls like i'm so sorry so many balls right now are being

30:26 sweat out of me are you gonna make it i think so

30:32 um but i'm one of those people that when i start sweating i like doesn't stop i and

30:37 i feel like i'm suffocating and my six-year-old daughter also has this trait and i feel is it because like

30:44 you came in like you're coming in hot and then we were like let's just sit down and talk i think it's because i'm

30:50 out there still coming in hot because i'm still a hot mess like the hot mess just doesn't go away it doesn't

30:56 oh does it ever like therapist yes

31:02 i'm listening also i what the what the indeed i could have also had

31:08 that mug like what the i

31:14 i i to truly dream one day i will

31:20 be rid of the hot messness yet at the same time there's also this odd

31:25 attachment to it because it it is

31:30 kind of what makes me me well yeah i guess i have a question so when you say you want to rid

31:36 yourself of the hot messness what does that mean like describe that angie because that

31:44 does not sound like you god see that's what i'm saying wow did you hear that i did

31:51 i did hear that and so

31:56 so what is what would life be without your hot hotmessness like what do you want to get rid of

32:02 quote unquote get rid of being unprepared yet

32:07 the truth is in my unpreparedness are you really unprepared

32:14 no you know what that's right because when i feel unprepared i focus

32:20 on intuition and just being me and doing what comes right like

32:26 doing what comes natural how often is that wrong right it isn't wrong yeah so am i truly

32:33 unprepared or am i just kind of jumping off the cliff trusting that the wind's carrying me where i need to go yeah and

32:39 then on the flip side what like if you were to have come prepared right she

32:45 could have been charged that's really good is that really all that's good but look it we're still functioning and it

32:52 wasn't charged so nailed it

33:04 oh one two three four i declare a thumb war

33:09 see i needed you to win that i did i won hashtag hashtag winning it live

33:16 thank you thank you for reminding me that it is okay to be a hot mess it's

33:21 okay to sweat balls sweating just means your body is trying to cool itself off see your body is

33:27 responding normally to freaking hot nebraska weather

33:32 do you make that warm it's going to be like 103 tomorrow and i love it i don't know okay but

33:39 there's the humidity and it wasn't until i started visiting my girlfriend in [Music]

33:44 arizona that because everybody'd be like it's a dry heat and i'd be like oh okay there's a huge difference there is a

33:51 huge difference i can be in 125 degree weather there and not sweat there is something about like

33:58 even a 90 degree day here and the humidity and i walk outside and i am instantly

34:04 soaking i look like i took a shower i'm soaking out my head i don't sweat in my armpits or my boobs or nope just out my

34:11 head just where everybody can see it which is fantastic that's where everybody you know see it just make me

34:16 the center of attention no biggie you know in a very uncomfortable way but that's cool

34:22 that's that's me that's you winning something worse left and right

34:28 doesn't sound like you're winning that no more oh i think we're gonna have to cheers to that to

34:35 that thanks for thanks for coming i don't know how to end it

34:41 who sweats sorry we love her regardless we do i love her too

34:48 bye bye if you think we're cool

34:54 or even if you don't please like or subscribe so you'll stay up to date on all things the shrink show feel free to

35:01 follow us on instagram twitter or facebook at the shrink show you can also

35:06 visit our website at to check out some of our merch submit your episode topic requests tell us a

35:13 funny story or even donate money or gin to the cause thank you for choosing to spend a portion of your life with us and

35:20 remember don't take yourself too seriously life is all a giant shrink

35:25 show side effects of listening to this podcast may include side aches or

35:32 snorting from laughter impromptu jazz hands nodding in agreement even though you might be listening alone and

35:37 occasional you said it girl and mild cases of existential dread this podcast

35:43 is strictly for entertainment and informative purposes only and is not intended or implied to diagnose treat or

35:48 otherwise substitute for professional mental health medical legal or other advice thank you

35:54 [Music]

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