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Episode 2: Hot Mess Express

Angee was late to film today and was sweating most of the recording. This is for anyone who is late and can’t keep focus. Angee shares experiences with ADHD and trying to function running life or this podcast with Type-A personality, Jaime. Topics that Angee’s ADHD mind talks about:

• not being organized or knowing how to podcast

• NKOTB, Salt n Pepa, Rickrolling

• Cheese curds & dots pretzels

• 4 kids, rockin’ parenthood, stressing all of those involved (if they’re Type-A personalities)

• Angee is in love with Lil Jon

• Donny Wahlberg’s email

• becoming a millionaire... any day now...

• learning to accept the neurodivergent mind and loving it unconditionally.

Angee’s Mug: 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war.

Jaime’s Mug: What (and I can’t stress this enough) the fuck?

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Transcript of Episode 2: Hot Mess Express

0:00 hi i'm angie and i'm jamie taking care of our mental health is the key to happiness

0:06 but even the best therapists sometimes lose their keys join us for therapeutic

0:12 happy hour as we address the absurdities of life's daily expectations as best friends mothers and yes even therapists

0:20 welcome to the shrink show

0:31 today's episode uh we are talking about how you're a hot mess i'm a hot

0:38 hot mess such a hot mess mostly today but also in general also

0:44 always like all of the moments before today and leading up to this very moment yeah yeah

0:52 i so in preparation for today that this so is our second time

0:58 trying to film and so we're trying to figure out all the sound and the video and my husband joel is

1:06 mostly the expert on that stuff he's the tech guy and i

1:11 am not um however i will say in my household i'm the tech lady like

1:18 if there's tech issues with your computer or your phone or you can't do something

1:25 i'm the one that's always been called on that's because until we know what we're doing with the podcast you're still

1:31 going to feel like joel's got it yeah he's giving us a few more episodes we'll get it we'll get it okay we'll figure it

1:38 out um and we'll subcontract that out then

1:43 when we're millionaires which hopefully will happen next week

1:49 right i think so yeah i feel comfortable in the day i feel like if i throw it out there maybe it'll become the round right

1:54 yeah yeah you know like a 950 000 raise all of a sudden yes please yes me

2:02 too i want that i'll take that yeah oh i'll take one of those now and let's

2:08 throw a couple in for extra buy one get two free yeah see i'm a hot mess i can't even stay on

2:14 track of being a hot mess so i couldn't get any of well first of all i didn't know what i

2:20 needed to bring what i didn't need um my brain literally was fried and i went

2:26 to just load the car full of crap and hope for the best well i was going to but joel got up from his nap

2:33 and was like i'll take care of it because i came up for like my third question already should be like so you

2:40 woke him up from his nap no he got up because he was like i'm obviously not

2:46 going to get to sleep like this he's trying to help you thank you

2:52 my hair's everywhere i'm sweating i can't i can't nothing was charged from

2:58 the last time absolutely nothing i this might die

3:03 in the middle luckily jamie had two double a batteries going on red

3:08 sea lights we don't know how sound works so we apologize for this

3:14 lord it's really it's the adhd and trying to be a mom and have four kids and well you

3:21 went to the freaking uh summer arts festival right before you came here that's a booked itinerary for the day

3:27 well because we were gonna do it yesterday but then i got free at like the free opportunity to go to the new

3:34 kids on the block concert last night and vogue and oh my god i did and and vogue and salt

3:42 and pepper and kurt would be even more jealous rick astley was there

3:47 we totally got rick rolled yep but salt and pepper and and vogue

3:53 oh my god i was like i was seriously fan girl screaming and yeah

4:00 i know i know um new kids on the block i didn't listen to them like i knew their

4:06 popular songs no i listened to their cassette tapes all the time i didn't and it really i kept laughing the entire

4:14 time i was watching them because i kept picturing my husband who's 48 and

4:20 looked it up most of them are 52. so around the same age i kept picturing

4:26 him dressing up in glitter and sequins and leather

4:34 and dancing in front of a crowd of screaming women and trying to act like

4:40 young boy sexy act like 30 years younger and i just couldn't i

4:47 i laughed i just you know we could dress up joel in that

4:53 outfit just to see just to double check well i feel like it was kind of like

4:58 donnie wahlberg and the others like literally i leaned over to one of

5:03 the girls that i i came with and i said

5:08 i feel like it's a little too soon for this because two minutes in donnie wahlberg is

5:15 lifting his shirt and then teasing you and putting it back down and giving you the eyes like not

5:22 yet not yet and then lifts his shirt for like 30

5:28 seconds and does this like gyration move with his stomach to show you his abs and

5:34 how fit he is for his age and it was like am i the chippendale concert or am i new

5:42 kids on the block i don't know it felt like a bit much and of course the ladies were screaming

5:49 yeah going for it and i don't know i felt like he he needed

5:54 that he needs this this is he needed that more than you did like there's something he's fulfilling in my opinion

6:00 oh yeah by having that rule what could that be

6:06 therapist oh you asking well what does it give him like positive

6:12 reinforcement all the positive attention whatever it's filling in his cup so that

6:19 makes me think it could be so many different things the fact that he is the age he is and has accomplished

6:25 rock hard abs the fact that he's still hot and wanted maybe he wants to be loved and ultimately don't we all just

6:32 want to be loved that's literally every session i'm like and you're loved and you're safe and

6:39 you're perfect just the way you are so maybe johnny wahlberg just needed to hear that so then my question i love

6:44 daddy wahlberg you're loved friend and you're love to be on the console exactly the way you

6:50 are beyond the concert and you're loved even if you don't have rock hard abs

6:56 i mean and i'm not gonna lie like i it was impressive yes he looked great

7:03 but if i had a lot of money to be able to afford personal trainers

7:10 and chefs and all the people i feel like i would look

7:17 even more stunning than i do right now what are you talking about

7:23 if i had all the time to exercise and eat have somebody literally prepare food

7:30 designed for my that would be if i had a masseuse yeah if you had someone to take care of your

7:36 children so you could sleep at night oh my god and then like you imagine somebody just set up all this over six

7:46 like i don't have to stress about it they make sure that my is charged and if not they get fired you know what

7:51 i think you're fired you're fired dying you're fired you didn't charge the iran

7:56 or the ipad you're fired you know what i think we need for all of this a million dollars

8:03 what we just were talking about we just don't happen next week though it will that's seven days and counting so by

8:10 next week we will have a personal trainer and a heart attack and food for days a personal chef

8:19 someone we probably won't have me to sleep i mean you might have the rock hard abs by next week me on the other hand i've got

8:26 layers upon layers of potato chips and

8:31 cookies and ice cream blocking and poutine big family tastes really