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About Angee


Angee Stevens is a licensed Mental Health Therapist, School Social Worker, and Public Speaker/Storyteller through her company Creating Healthy Minds, LLC. In addition to constantly learning to navigate her own ADHD as a working mother in a neurotypical world, Angee is also the daughter, and now guardian, of someone diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. Her claims to fame include two-time karaoke champion (should be three but who’s counting), performing in the Macy’s Parade as a former Heartland Hoedowner, and being a reasonably sane mother of four. 

About Angee & Jaime: About Us

About Jaime


Jaime is a licensed mental health therapist, certified hypnotherapist, and owner of Enlightened Counseling & Healing LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. She specializes in trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders.
She enjoys interpreting dreams, burpees (apparently these aren't popular?), and spending time with her family.

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About Angee & Jaime: About Us
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